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Architekturglas für Raum und Fassade

Martin Donlin

ABOUT I am a designer and maker of architectural glass. I work with the glass industry to produce contemporary works on both large and small scale. Through image form or text the work can; : Relate to the physical characteristics and location of a site. : Refer to the historical heritage and meaning of a site. : Act as a marker establishing an identity of a site, creating a sense of place. : Be relevant and accessible to the users of a site. : Or not. Some of the work I produce is abstract and concerned with using etched, stained or enamelled glass treatments with light to create an atmosphere or ambience. Die Antik- und Decorglas GmbH durfte bisher 2 Objekte des Künstlers zusammen mit der Glasmalerei Peters realisieren. Nebenstehende Fotos repräsentieren die Objekte in Großbritanien und Irland (Digitaldruck TranZpaint Fotovebundglas und Sandstrahltechnik).
Martin Donlin Martin Donlin Martin Donlin